Christmas Appeal 2017

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Carol lives in Dorset with her son Darren, aged 17*. She grew up on a council estate in Manchester and cared for her mother, who suffered terrible drug addiction.

It wasn’t long before Carol lost her mum and went to live with her grandparents. She fell pregnant at 18 but the baby was stillborn – it was the hardest thing she’s ever had to endure. At 20 she had the joy of becoming a mum to Darren, who is autistic.

By supporting Mothers’ Union’s Christmas Appeal you can help a mum like Carol get the stable grounding she needs to look after her children.

In time Darren’s father became abusive towards Carol. Eventually they managed to leave him and move into a new home, they were finally happy. Carol thought she had the opportunity to build the stable, loving home that Darren so badly needed.

But Darren’s father found them and burnt down the house. Everything came crashing down again.

Giving a donation this Christmas will help women who have experienced gender-based violence get back on their feet and build a new life for themselves and their family – not just in the UK and Ireland.

Mothers’ Union offered Carol and Darren time together away from it all, an opportunity for much needed respite from everything they had been through. They were able to put the past behind them. Carol is now looking to the future and is inspired to follow her dream of becoming a youth worker to help others in the same position she once found herself in.

With your support, women across the world will receive the care they need after experiencing abuse. They will be empowered to speak out against gender-based violence and learn useful skills that allow them to set up businesses and gain their independence.

Please consider giving a donation to Mothers’ Union this Christmas to help women around the world experiencing gender-based violence.


Between 25th November and 10th December, take part with Mothers’ Union in 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence and call for an end to violence against women and girls.



*Due to the sensitive nature of this case, identities have been changed.