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Mothers’ Union Angola has started a literacy project to provide women with reading and writing skills, as the adult literacy rate for women in the country is just 53 per cent.

Mothers' Union Angola members also visit the sick, new mothers, those in prison, the elderly, and the bereaved giving them spiritual and material support. Other issues they are addressing include domestic violence; child protection; food security; and the reduction and prevention of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis and malaria.

Since 2011 Mothers’ Union Angola has been working in partnership with Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) on a holistic Child Survival Programme that focuses on education and creating sustainable change in the community. Mothers’ Union Angola and ERD are enabling women to make themselves and their families healthier through joining community-based learning groups.

Through this programme group members are discovering together the importance of treating their drinking water to prevent diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases, and are also taking action to start savings groups so that they can buy water-treatment products.

These groups become the place where women discuss, debate and discover important child and public health issues, become motivated to take action, and then work together to create change. Women are collaborating to overcome problems such as poor water and waste disposal systems which threaten the health of their children, as well as to protect good health through the use of formal health services and adherence to vaccination schedules. So far over 4,700 community members have benefitted through this health education programme.

Through their recognition of the importance of discovery, motivation and possibility, Mothers’ Union Angola is creating spaces where women’s existing knowledge and skills are being affirmed and exchanged, and where women work in solidarity to ensure the survival of their children and better public health for all.

Mothers' Union members: 3,000