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Mothers’ Union Rwanda is very active in helping communities around the country.

In response to the recent influx of refugees from DR Congo, Mothers’ Union Rwanda has been able to provide assistance to 2,000 refugee families, with support from the Mothers’ Union Relief Fund.

Mothers' Union members in Butansinda, Shyogwe implemented a programme to improve maternal and child health in the area and built a Nutritional Centre. Members initiated a nutrition awareness campaign which reached 120 pregnant women and 210 children who were found to be at risk, and from this they developed plans to expand the project further. The Nutritional Centre now provides a meeting place where mothers, children and pregnant women come for advice and training in how to prepare nutritious meals. 

Mothers' Union Kigeme is educating women on various issues, training women leaders, starting income generating activities, visiting the vulnerable, providing marriage counselling, HIV/AIDS awareness and caring for the sick. 

There are a large number of widows and women living in adversity in the Kigeme area. Mothers' Union Kigeme helped one woman to join a local Mothers' Union savings and credit group. She was given some money from the group to start a small business selling produce at a market. Mothers' Union Community Development Coordinator Esther says: ’Although all problems are not yet solved, she is no longer begging. Now she can subscribe to heath insurance for her children and take them to the doctor. She is well integrated in the community and she plans to expand her house’. 

The Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme has also made a big impact on improving relationships and bringing peace and reconciliation in many families and communities. Mothers' Union Rwanda members have noticed a reduction in the number of street children. Parents now understand the importance of their children’s education and this has contributed to the reduction in the unemployment rate amongst young people.

Mothers’ Union Rwanda also runs a project for widows where they learn to weave the famous Rwandese Gaseke, a traditional pot, in order to generate extra income for their families. Others take part in small scale animal husbandry projects.

Mothers’ Union members: 17,039