South Korea

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South Korea

From promoting gender awareness and lobbying for gender equality to regular retreats for fellowship and prayer to working with the unemployed and the homeless at the grassroots level, Mothers' Union members in South Korea are active in all parts of the country and involved in a wide range of activities.

Regular fundraising bazaars organised by Mothers' Union South Korea members provide an opportunity for women from rural areas to show and sell their handicrafts. These bazaars also help fund Mothers' Union South Korea community outreach work including regular visits and support to a nursing home for the aged, prisoners who do not have any relatives, orphanages and a home for mentally disabled children.

Future plans for Mothers' Union South Korea include building a women's centre which will be used for caring for children and assisting vulnerable women.

As part of their care and commitment to support couples and promote stable family life Mothers’ Union members are offering support and guidance to couples preparing to get married. Local fundraising also enables Mothers' Union South Korea to support theological students and foreign workers living in the country as part of their ministry to families.

Mothers' Union members: 2,700