Mothers' Union start 16 Days of Activism Campaign with March on Downing Street

To mark the begining of our 16 Days of Activism campaign Mothers’ Union members and staff have marched to the gates of Downing Street in order to present The Government with our petition calling on them to drop charges for those who have experienced domestic abuse to use the statutory Child Maintenance Service. The service, introduced in 2012, is intended to persuade separated couples to make their own child maintenance payment arrangements. However, using a ‘family-based arrangement’ may not be safe for a survivor of domestic abuse to use, as it may bring them into contact with their abusive former partner.  

Following a Global Moment of prayer and reflection in the Mary Sumner House chapel, supporters carrying banners and chanting “It’s not ok” marched from our headquarters and gathered at the gates of Downing Street. Chief Executive Bev Jullien and Worldwide President Lynne Tembey were then amongst a small group who took the petition of 4,500 signatures through to Number 10. 

Bev Juillen said “Mary Sumner, who founded the Mothers’ Union 140 years ago, refused to accept injustice for women. Similarly, in this generation, women, families and communities are suffering because of practices that fuel prejudice and result in hardship for thousands of vulnerable women.”

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