Mothers’ Union members get involved with 16 Days of Activism

With 16 days of Activism well under way we have really enjoyed seeing pictures of how our members have been getting involved in the campaign throughout the world.



 Mothers' Union members in the diocese of Leeds held a vigil and engaged in the global moment in Wakefield Cathedral. 



Mothers’ Union in the diocese of Exeter  held two Silent Protests for #MU16days. Both were in central city high streets,with the protesters seated beneath banners carried placards with messages, such as “Am I a victim? You would not know . .” and “Maybe I am a survivor . . . who is there to care”. 

It attracted a great deal of attention from the public, and some questions and interesting conversations. A lot of the interest came from men, who almost unanimously were very positive and supporting. One of the most rewarding things was the number of women who walked past, without speaking but whose smiles and expressions said how glad they were to see someone speaking up for these issues.


Rev. Anne Kennedy, Provincial President, Anglican Mothers Union Australia, wrote some beautiful prayers for 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence which you can access by following this link



  Some of our Welsh members from Bro Deiniol Branch held a service and demonstration in Bangor Cathedral 



Members in Myanmar who were partcipating in the training of trainers for our parenting programme took part in their own Global Moment against gender-based violence 




  St Neots MU in the diocese of Ely created a wonderful display for 16 days of Activism Against Gender Violence using ideas from our Edinburgh General Meeting.






   Lizzie, our community development coordinator from Zimbabwe encouraged members to come and collect our 16 days of Activism materials so that they could share within their parishes. The 16 days corner is in their shop outside the cathedral (if you have seen the news all the big protests in harare are about 50 metres from this spot)!