Already have a Mothers' Union in your church?

If you have a Mothers’ Union in your church you can join today. Groups look outward to the church and local community and will be happy to welcome you to join in with their activities. Mothers' Union groups come in a variety of forms, to suit the lifestyles of their members, but all have an overarching aim to meet together, share fellowship and above all else serve the needs of the community around them. 

What happens at a meeting?

A typical meeting runs for around two hours and takes place either in a member’s home, a room on a church premises or a café. All Mothers’ Union meetings open in prayer and there will often be sharing of news and business to attend to. Groups often invite speakers or discuss specific aspects of the work of Mothers’ Union. Most groups are also active in local Mothers’ Union community projects. The meetings are a time to reflect on many of these activities and share fellowship and support. Groups also get involved in raising money for the wider work of Mothers’ Union – supporting their fellow members around the world.

How Mothers’ Union resources and supports local groups

Your local Mothers' Union diocese will have a regular newsletter and a website which will keep you up to date with events such as diocesan services and ways to meet together in larger groups throughout the year. They will also provide you with information about programme work in your area with which the group can get involved.

Central Mothers’ Union supports local Mothers’ Unions with core programmes such as Loving for Life which equips members to work alongside clergy in marriage preparation and Passionate about Parenting which offers training in facilitating groups for parents. 

Mothers' Union also encourage members to meet local needs and build parish ministry to couples and families: Our Inspired initiative enables members to share with each other great ideas about how to reach out to those around them – it includes worship and Bible study resources, issues to consider when setting up programme work, as well as ideas about how you can engage with Inspired.

We also provide template services for specific aspects of running a Mothers’ Union such as commissioning services as well as prayers that may be useful. See our prayers & worship resources page.