Mary Fisher

Mothers' Union Inspiring Members

Name: Mary Fisher

Member of: Salisbury Diocese, UK

Mary first joined Mothers' Union in Kenya, in 1965 when she and her husband worked within a missionary organisation. She became involved with Mothers' Union when a group of women knocked on her door and silently looked at Mary as she answered. She asked if they wanted to come in and wasn't quite sure what they were doing there. Eventually she plucked up the courage to ask if they wanted to hold a meeting there. Yes, they would like her to host Mothers' Union meetings. So that's how she got involved. They all helped her with the children and Mothers' Union became a key feature in Mary's own faith outreach.

Today, after nearly fifty years of membership, God continues to call her to mission in surprising ways. When she came back to live in Salisbury she thought she would become involved in outreach to elderly people. She didn't think young people would find anything she had to say (she's now 74!) of relevance. God had other ideas and led her to volunteer as a street pastor. On Friday and Saturday nights Mary and other volunteers go into the city centre, to help young people left the worse for wear from drinking. We help get young people sober enough to get themselves safely home.

To Mary's total surprise young people love them:

"They are very appreciative of the help (usually for their friends). They really open up and ask loads of questions about why we do what we do for them - what our motivation is. Since we have started Friday and Saturday night crime has decreased by 35% in the town centre."

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