Building a Christian Community

Faith is central to our work

As a Christian charity we see our faith as central to our work. We try to live out Christ’s call to love God and love our neighbour, and prayer and worship is a vital part of how we do this. By acting out God’s love in all our actions we support families worldwide and uplift communities.

We actively seek to develop our relationship with God and to support all his children, irrespective of beliefs and background.

We support our members throughout the world by our Wave of Prayer. Every day at midday members are encouraged to pause to pray for one another using a calendar which includes all the areas in the world where Mothers’ Union works. As we pray in different time zones we keep alive a continual wave of prayer.

We take seriously the value and power of these prayers and our members around the world speak of its importance to them.

Members in Iraq say that without prayer their lives would be very hard. When Mothers’ Union started in Iraq it became extremely difficult for them to go out on the streets or to meet for worship. But in all this, they have seen real answers to prayer and how God's protection is still upon them. Through this they rely heavily on prayers for their safety.

We may be scattered throughout the world but our prayers draw us close together.

Times of worship, retreats and quiet days give opportunities for members and friends to step back from the busyness of life and draw close to God. We take time to reflect on spiritual issues using the Bible and other resources. Out of this we strengthen our faith and also find new inspiration for ways to serve and support our local communities and our wider work.

In October 2014, Mothers’ Union responded to a Consultation on the role of religion and belief in Britain today. Read our response to hear how faith is central to our member’s work.