Church & Community Mobilisation Process

Church groups creating change in their communities

Church & Community Mobilisation (CCM) is a complete transformational, community-based process which uses facilitator-led Bible studies to work with church groups to encourage them to initiate economic, social and physical transformation within their communities.

Mobilised and enthused church groups act as catalysts for change in their own communities, using the word of God and his promises of provision and prosperity to inspire their communities to a realisation that God has already made provision for them, and has given them the skills they need to live – and live well, bringing about lasting change. It is proving highly successful as a way to enable communities to take control of their futures, and use the resources God has given them to create a sustainable and flourishing future for themselves.

As a worldwide membership-based organisation Mothers’ Union is uniquely placed, in hundreds of thousands of local communities, to be agents of change in the communities in which we live, working with our neighbours to address their own needs in their own way. Although Mothers’ Union is a church-based organisation, our aim has always been to benefit families of all faiths and none.

Within Mothers’ Union, CCMP pilot programmes have shown that the inspirational stories from the Bible, used as ‘stories of change’, inspire communities. Diverse communities are brought together in a participatory decision-making process. This includes marginalised populations such as women, young people, those living with disability and religious or ethnic minorities. Working together with Tearfund and other partners, we have also developed the Awaken resource to enable illiterate people to participate in CCMP. We have also developed the Eagle programme in East Africa.

In 2013, eleven countries around the world will be continuing, developing or considering using CCMP. In these countries CCMP coordinators will be trained to work with a team of volunteer facilitators in each village. These facilitators will also attend regular workshops and mobilise local Mothers’ Union groups through CCMP, equipping them to become salt and light in their communities, helping to achieve transformation that empowers people. Communities will begin to move away from a needs-based approach and work towards an assets-based approach with their parish level leaders.

You can read about our participation in the Africa CCM Forum here