Midday Prayers

Each day a wave of prayer goes around the world as members pray at midday wherever they are for the work of Mothers’ Union and international issues.

This began in 1920 and has been happening ever since. The Wave of Prayer calendar includes every area worldwide where Mothers’ Union works.

Areas are linked together in groups and each group is allocated a slot in the calendar. The names of diocesan presidents or community development coordinators in these groups are included for prayer.

The groups form close links with each other and will often hold special prayer services or celebrations during the days when it is their turn for prayer.

Midday prayer

Jesus, Lord of life,
by the power of your word
and through your actions of love,
call us to be your disciples.
Give us strength to be different,
to stand up for justice and peace
and be signs of your reconciling love for all.
God of grace, enable your servants
to carry out your mission on earth
through the work of Mothers’ Union worldwide.

Today we pray for the people and work of...

(please see the Wave of Prayer for this month, download the monthly Midday Prayers or print off the six-monthly Wave of Prayer Calendar). 

We pray for all members.
May God be with them
in every part of their lives,
encouraging them and leading them,
sheltering and strengthening them
So they may work to your praise and glory.