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The Polynesian Island of Tonga is part of the Province of Aotearoa, New Zeland and Polynesia. Although the Anglican Church is small in Tonga, Mothers’ Union continues to grow with several new members enrolling each year. Mothers’ Union members in Tonga are active in their prayer and outreach initiatives. Members meet together for prayer services at least once a month and in between meet informally at each other’s houses for Bible study and fellowship.

The Queen of Tonga is the Patron of Mothers’ Union Tonga. In May 2015, during the visit of Mothers’ Union’s Worldwide President, Lynne Tembey, to the Island, Mothers’ Union Tonga were also proud to admit to membership Her Royal Highness, Princess Salote Pilolevu. During the visit the Princess and the Worldwide President were able to share times of great joy and fellowship with members and Her Royal Highness was excited to hear about the wider work of Mothers’ Union around the world.

Within Tonga, Mothers’ Union members are active in the wider community, regularly visiting patients in hospital and the elderly. Education for young people is very important and Mothers' Union Tonga members visit local schools to support the students in their studies and encourage them to take part in cultural activities to preserve the cultural heritage of the islands.

Mothers' Union members: 60+