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Mothers’ Union has been active in Botswana for over 40 years. One of the main projects is the Mahalapye Orphange Day Care Centre which was established by Mothers’ Union in 2000. The centre cares for over 60 children between the ages of two and a half and six, many orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. Since 2000, hundreds of children have graduated from the centre and are now all in education.

The children are brought by minibus daily to the centre where they are taught, fed and loved. Those children who graduated to primary education are brought back to the centre on a weekly basis so that their progress can be checked, they can be fed a meal and helped with their school work.

Through their own fundraising and donations from the government in Botswana Mothers’ Union members have been able to provide education resources, food supplies, indoor and outdoor play equipment, school uniforms for those whose carers cannot afford to do so, and also a computer and printer.

Members around the country have also either adopted orphans individually or as a group, with some building houses or providing the church with resources to care for them. The wish is for orphans to be provided with an education and to be cared for psychologically as well as physically. 

Mothers’ Union Botswana members help disadvantaged families in many other ways too: by building or restoring accommodation and providing water, toiletries, clothing or school uniforms for children. Members have helped plant vegetable gardens for some families so they have better food and a bit of extra income. Members are also active in campaigning particularly on the issues of domestic violence and human trafficking.

Members also volunteer in prisons where inmates are asking that Mothers' Union visits ‘should never stop’. Mothers' Union Botswana is currently in negotiation with prison officers to allow inmates' families to visit alongside Mothers' Union volunteers so that they can work together on family reconciliation and development.

An important aspect for members is the ability to pray for families and the bereaved, and to visit the elders in the community. Members want to make sure that older members are not left behind in fellowship, and to help them feel that they are still valued. In visiting the sick, members ensure that they have a friendly, welcoming person to see each day, as well as at least one meal. 

Mothers’ Union members: 1,534