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Mothers’ Union Cameroon members are very active and passionate in their conviction to help reach out to young women. This has been a crucial element in their plans and objectives and tehy are committed to tackling issues such as gender rights, child protection and healthcare. 

Although there are very few members, Mothers’ Union Cameroon is trying to change the way society and church groups educate and involve girls in communities. They aim to sensitise churches and villages to the discrimination girls are experiencing. Mothers’ Union Cameroon hosts camps for young girls providing spiritual and educational counselling. Also run are discussion groups for young women on sex, sexually transmitted diseases and growing up since many parents feel uncomfortable discussing this with their children. The group is also looking to establish some kind of schooling for parents who have not had access to education, and to sensitise churches and villages to the duscrimination girls are experiencing. 

Although the Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme has not yet been extended to Cameroon, Mothers’ Union Cameroon is putting together a parenting seminar to help parents with the issues they face. Other activities include expanding membership, providing marriage and relationship support, and providing moral and material support to those who are in prison, sick or orphaned.

Mothers’ Union members: 600