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Ghana has over 2,000 Mothers’ Union members. It is one of the most active Mothers’ Union memberships in the region with lots of community-based programmes.

In the diocese of Wiawso, Mothers' Union members have been learning how to make soap. This activity provides women with and economic skill set that they can use to find a job or start their own income-generating activity. in some cases members are provided with small loans to enable them to start a business and therefore provide for their families. 

Other members are involved in leadership roles within church life including leading church youth groups, running bible classes, choirs and women's groups. These positions see members preparing youth for the future, giving them positive outlooks on marriage and relationships. this leads on to the work some members are involved in with school and day care assistance, supporting teachers as volunteers and allowing working mothers to be able to provide their families with an income. This enables them to continue their child's education where members can help nuture that child's faith life. 

In the Diocese of Cape Coast, the Mothers' Union Community Development Coordinator, Elizabeth, shares the following story; " I visited a village to have talks with both Mothers' Union members and non-members. there a woman approached me and asked that I should interact with her husband. By faith I did and the husband is now a changed man. There is peace at home and he has expressed a desire to become a member himself" 

Mothers’ Union members: 2,041