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Members of Mothers’ Union Guinea are great encouragers within their congregations and within their communities, mobilising them to look after each other and initiating outreach programmes and activities.

With support from the government, Mothers' Union Guinea is providing safe and clean water to communities. In 2010 they received funding from the Ministry of Hydraulics and Energy to construct six wells in the Dubreka area. These wells are now providing easily accessible and clean water to local villages, schools and farms in the area.

Mothers' Union Guinea is particularly concerned about the education of girls as currently many only receive the minimum of schooling. Mothers’ Union members are looking at ways in which they can promote the importance of girls going to school as well as helping the older girls who have missed out on the opportunity for an education.

Members also visit prisoners and those in hospital, spending time with them and donating food and clothing. Other Mothers’ Union Guinea activities include running marriage preparation sessions for couples, training birth attendants and raising awareness of women’s health issues in order to tackle maternal and infant mortality.

Mothers’ Union members: 121