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Located just off the Eastern coast of Africa, Madagascar is the world's fourth biggest island after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. Despite political tensions which have rocked the country over the last few years and high rates of poverty across the country, Mothers' Union is very active, dynamic and thriving with a large number of young members.

More than 92% of the population live on less than $2 a day and poverty has sharply increased. To meet these needs, Mothers' Union has set up sewing and embriodery training for women in difficulty, giving them a chance to work their way out of poverty.  

Countrywide projects include birth registration and workshops on the production of traditional handicrafts . One woman who was in difficulties, living on her own with five children, was a beneficiary of the project and now earns an income from the handicrafts that she makes.

With the country still suffering from the impact of the political crisis, children and families continue to face challenges to their wellbeing. One such challenge is the taboo of family planning resulting in early pregnancies. Mothers' Union is planning on implementing the Worldwide Parenting Programme to help address the issue.

Other Mothers’ Union projects across the country include literacy projects, orphanages, vocational training centres, running nursery schools for the children of low income families, encouraging birth registration, health campaigns on HIV/AIDS and advocacy. 


Mothers' Union members: 8,000