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A small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, is home to approximately 1.30 million people. The country has enjoyed a long period of political and economic stability, and racial harmony among its very mixed population. However with rapid economic and technological change, economic gaps have been created and social problems such as drug trafficking and domestic violence exist.

Mothers' Union is working in partnership with the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, as well as other religious organisations to address the domestic violence issues. During a meeting with the minister, members shared about the initiatives undertaken by the Anglican Communion to sensitise society about this problem. The Minister was impressed and consequently organised the White Ribbon Campaign at national level.

Members are motivated to support their communities by visiting old age homes, children's shelters, families in need, sick people and prisoners and their families. They also contribute to the support of married couples and preparing engaged couples for marriage


Mothers' Union members: 255