Sierra Leone

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Sierra Leone

Mothers’ Union Sierra Leone is tackling one of the country’s biggest problems - female illiteracy - by running a literacy project in seven communities in the region of Bo. The project aims to have each learner fully literate by July 2013 so they can then take on leadership roles within their respective communities. 

Before new literacy groups commence, Mothers’ Union Sierra Leone members raise awareness in communities on the need for adult literacy training, and encourage women and girls who were never able to attend school to join the project. Facilitators then establish group sessions in the communities to teach writing, reading and numeracy skills. Women are also trained in leadership skills so they can have confidence to use their new skills in the wider community. 

Mothers' Union Sierra Leone members are also involved in a number of different projects including the production of tie-dye products to sell at the local market, managing a successful pre-school, running savings and loan groups, visiting people in hospital, and organising health awareness workshops and programmes. There is a Mothers' Union Sierra Leone farm at Kenema which generates an income by growing and selling vegetables.

Members in Bo also produce a radio programme on a monthly basis to discuss the issue of HIV/AIDS, with the aim of sensitising the wider community to the virus. In conjunction with this, members also run an HIV/AIDS programme in the community. Members work closely with local HIV/AIDS counsellors, undertake home-based care visits and encourage pregnant women to go for confidential testing. 

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