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Mothers’ Union Sudan works with those of all faiths or none, and is committed to developing strong, harmonious communities where individuals and families work together to bring about transformation and positive change.

The Mothers’ Union’s Literacy and Financial Education Programme, operating in Khartoum and the surrounding areas, is bringing together men and women of all faiths and none, and of all ages and abilities. The programme provides an opportunity for thousands of women and men who missed out on an education to learn to read, write and count, save money and to start their own businesses.

Currently supported with a grant from Comic Relief, around 1,700 individuals directly benefited from the programme within Khartoum in the 18 months from August 2010 to the end of 2011. During 2012 many more joined the programme and are now actively taking part in literacy circles and savings group.

The Mothers’ Union Sudan Literacy Trainers note that there have been significant changes in the lives of those who are part of the programme, and also in the lives of their family members and neighbours. For example, they say that their learners are now able to count money with confidence and that many have opened their own bank account for the first time. 

Mothers’ Union Sudan regularly organises training events on topics including peace and reconciliation, leadership, health, and human rights. Members are also active in agricultural projects, animal husbandry, visiting the sick and those in prison. Members are also helping mothers take care of their families by organising education classes on handicrafts and income-generating activities such as making and selling jewellery.

Mothers’ Union members: approximately 2,000