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The Diocese of Swaziland is bordered by the Republic of South Africa and Mozambique. Mothers' Union members distribute food and clothing to communities hardest hit by poverty and drought, while others carry out visits to prisons and donate clothes, toys and nappies to children born to prisoners.

Mothers' Union Swaziland is working in partnership with the Swaziland Safe Water Ministry team to see how they can help communities gain access to clean and safe drinking water. In some areas there are wells but many people still rely on rivers as their main source of water. This has resulted in diarrhoea becoming a chronic problem.  As part of the project to provide access to clean water, Mothers' Union Swaziland will organise and teach young people how to chlorinate their water,  all the girls and women from the community, regardless of faith, will be involved in the programme. 

A number of orphan-focused projects covering life skills and spiritual growth run in quite a few parishes. Other activities that members are involved in include sewing, running soup kitchens and working alongside their parishes in baptism and confirmation classes.


Mothers' Union members: 1,130