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Mothers' Union began in Guyana in 1926 and continues to grow each year. Mothers' Union members are involved in numerous community outreach initiatives and projects throughout the country - from the urban centre of the capital Georgetown to the most isolated of communities in the rainforest interior.


Mothers’ Union Guyana’s vision is to be: ‘A vibrant Mothers' Union sharing God's love through spiritual, physical and sustainable empowerment of all people especially vulnerable individuals and communities throughout Guyana’. As part of their plans for achieving this vision Mothers’ Union Guyana will introduce Church and Community Mobilisation process in 2013 to empower families and communities across Guyana to realize their potential. The region also runs the highly successful Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme, including groups for dads. 


Mothers’ Union Guyana is proud of their two day care centres in Queenstown and Bourda which serve the children of low-income households and vulnerable families. Over the years this much needed service has been the safe haven for children from various backgrounds and environments who would have otherwise been left to become victims of child neglect, physical and sexual abuse and malnutrition. The centres provide a safe, secure and homely environment in which the children can be nurtured while their parents are busy at work or otherwise.


In 2009 Mothers' Union Guyana won the Rotary Vocational Service Award in recognition of its efforts to promote stable family life, and was recognised also by the Inner Wheel Club of Georgetown for their work in nurturing young children and assisting single parents. 


In 1995 Mothers' Union at St Marks in the Corentyne raised funds to build a training centre and library so that local women would have somewhere to learn skills. Here they run regular workshops and educational displays, and run skills training in sewing and crafts which equip local women to make an income for themselves and their family. Mothers’ Union volunteers look after the women’s children whilst they are learning. Here too Mothers’ Union run a regular Nutrition Enhancement programme, where parents learn about good nutrition for their children, and vulnerable children are fed every day at lunchtime.


Mothers’ Union members: 2,000