Urgent prayers needed for Nepal & Burundi

Following the massive earthquake in Nepal, which has devastated both the country and areas of North India and Bangladesh; we are calling for urgent prayers for:

  •  Comfort for all of the bereaved families
  • Shelter for those who are internally displaced
  • Protection for the one million or more that are now at risk of disease from lack of fresh water and shelter.


Our President in North India, Neerja Prasad writes that Bihar, where the Mothers’ Union was due to hold its Synodical level programme next month, has been affected as well as the communities in the Indian dioceses of Chotanagpur and Patna. Nepal, she writes, has been "devastated".

As Mothers’ Union have no staff or members in Nepal, we are not at this time requesting Relief Funding. However should India's Mothers’ Union be in a position to respond and reach people affected both in India and close to the border, we will immediately let our supporters know.



Currently, there are reports of police using live ammunition to disperse protesters in Burundi after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a bid for a third term in office. At present, two protesters have been killed and there is great unrest and fear that the hard won peace deal of 2005 which ended 12 years of civil war, is under threat.

People are fleeing the conflict area in Bujumbura and our President, Mathilde writes that powerful prayers are needed. She has already taken in seven children evacuated from the Rainbow Centre where the foster families are living in the danger zones, with other members doing likewise.

Please pray for a return to peace for Bujumbura and Burundi.


A selection of prayers for those caught up in tragedy and disaster can be found on The Church of England website