Valuing our Volunteers

Thousands of Mothers’ Union members demonstrate the love of Christ through their volunteering: in prisons, hospitals, schools, parents groups, parent & toddler groups, Sunday schools, food banks... the list is long and the activities lovingly carried out week in week out every year. Many more members spend time making things which are used to comfort or bring help to children and adults who are going through stressful times.  Mothers’ Union’s ability to reach out in charity to improve and strengthen family and community life would not happen without our volunteers. 

So this week, we celebrate their achievements as we take part in Volunteers Week. We’re so grateful for all they do in the name of Mothers’ Union. 

It was timely this week to hear that Mothers’ Union member, Jennifer Robinson, was awarded the Josephine Butler Memorial Trust Volunteer of the Year 2015 award for her volunteering for Mothers’ Union in Liverpool.  Presented by Dame Lorna Muirhead, the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Jennifer was recognised for her volunteering as a Mothers’ Union member within her Church and diocese.  Through her years of membership Jennifer has energetically raised funds to support the charity’s programme work, has been an advocate for the challenges faced by rural parishes in the diocese and has served as  a diocesan trustee several times. Jennifer is an inspiration, advocate and adviser to so many within her area. We thank her for her, and the many she represents, for her years of selfless volunteering.

If you would like to give a public thank you to Mothers’ Union via our Social Media in June please do let us know by contacting or via our Twitter account @mothersunion