Responding to the recent floods in Myanmar

Mothers’ Union is aware of and already responding to the devastation caused by Cyclone Komen and the resulting floods that have hit Myanmar, affecting people across 12 states and regions of the country. With reports of over 250,000 people affected and 69 lives reported as lost so far the rain and flood waters continue to move southwards increasing the threat of flooding as water makes it way down from the mountainous highlands.

The three dioceses most severely impacted are Mandalay, Sittwe and Yangon. A Relief Committee has been formed at the request of Archbishop Steven Than Myint Oo.  The Mothers’ Union Provincial Community Development Coordinator (CDC), Cynthia Yin Yin Maw, is secretary of the committee working closely with the diocesan relief teams to get aid to those in need.

In Mandalay diocese, the committee are distributing food, water and medical supplies to those affected by the flooding, although in some areas high water levels still remain.

The priority is for clean water and there is currently a team from the committee who have been able to provide two weeks worth of clean water per family in priority areas. There is however a continued risk of flooding and all communities are on alert.

In Sittwe diocese the area is still very much surrounded in water making it very difficult to access. Diocesan boats are trying to get food into the surrounding areas but at present it is very difficult for the relief team to reach this most isolated of communities.

Mothers’ Union Central Office is in contact with both the Mothers' Union Provincial Office and the Anglican Church of Myanmar to help support them and the relief teams in their efforts. We are also working with the wider Anglican Communion to establish what relief is needed and where it will be best placed. Until then we ask you to join with us and answer Archbishop Stephen’s request for prayer;

My dear brothers and sisters from the Anglican Communion,Please pray for Myanmar and the Province of Myanmar which is badly affected by the heavy flood. Within two weeks the flood will cover almost all states and divisions in Myanmar. This flood reminds me of the catastrophe affected by Cyclone Nargis in 2008. We need your prayers and support.

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