Age Ratings to be added to UK Music Videos

Mothers’ Union are delighted at the announcement by Government today, 18th August 2015,  that it will introduce age-ratings on streamed music content produced within the UK.

The charity has been campaigning for policy and industry changes that will help protect childhood from commercialisation and sexualisation since 2010. Earlier this year Mothers’ Union’s Bye Buy Childhood 2015 report highlighted that 86 percent of parents are concerned about sexualisation. 

Welcoming the announcement today, chief executive, Beverley Jullien said “Providing guidance on age-appropriateness on music videos will enable parents and children to make an informed decision about material their children access online. We know that parents are concerned about sexualised content viewed online – including in music videos. We know that a third of parents we’ve spoken to are concerned that they have little or no control over what their children view on the internet. Our hope now is that other countries, particularly the massive US music industry, will see this as a positive step that they want to emulate.” 

The charity’s Bye Buy Childhood campaign seeks policy change to support parents as they enable their children to develop resilience against pressures placed on childhood by commercialisation and sexualisation and encourage industry to maintain a responsible approach.