Relationship Report gives insight into UK relationships

The Way We Are Now – a welcome insight into relationships in the UK

Mothers’ Union today [1st Sept 2015] welcomed the 2015 “Way We Are Now” report: a publication from Relate, Marriage Care and Relationships Scotland that gives a unique perspective into the quality of our relationships with partners, family, friends and colleagues in the UK. 

For Mothers’ Union – a charity firmly focussed on improving the lives of families across the world – the survey results are extremely helpful: we were particularly struck by the overall message “family life is hard, but it is ultimately worth every drop of blood, sweat and tears.”

The responses on what people find puts the most pressure and stress on their relationships re-enforce our own belief that more needs to be done, through government funding for relationship support in particular, to support stable relationships in order to avoid the considerable financial, social and psychological costs of relationship and family breakdown.

Within the UK Mothers’ Union has campaigned since 2006 for policy to support a more flexible approach to working. Therefore it is of some concern that there is a common belief in younger people that as employees they need to be available 24/7. Given the evidence that work can put great strain on relationships, we would encourage employers and employees to look at work life balance and to embrace appropriate flexible working, recognising the stabilising effect on relationships of time away from work with family.

Mothers’ Union works throughout the UK to provide support to families. We provide relationship education for couples through our Loving for Life programme, helping engaged couple build a solid foundation and develop techniques to handle pressure; and through our Passionate About Parenting programme our members offer support to parents and carers to manage the inevitable tensions of bringing up a family.