Refugee Crisis Archive

Following its affirmation on the 4th September that it is committed to supporting refugees, Mothers' Union membership has made a universally positive and heartwarming response. Across the United Kingdom and Ireland, dioceses and branches have made contact with agencies preparing a coordinated approach towards receiving refugees in their local communities. Many are donating to appeals, such as that of Us who are coordinating the response activities on behalf of the Church in Europe. 

Members have also taken part in marches of support in London and Birmingham to date; engaged in activism and petitions towards local authorities, while others continue their existing activities to provide food and clothing for refugees and asylum seekers.

Speaking on 11th September, Beverley Jullien, CEO of Mothers' Union said; "We welcome the fact that the Church in Europe has requested that Us organise an appeal on their behalf to enable the Church to provide support to refugees as and where required – in Hungary and Greece in particular. Mothers’ Union members in affected areas have committed to help with relief work."

"The refugees, all who are supporting them, and the governments taking decisions on managing this crisis and the wider strategic challenges of migration across the globe, remain in our prayers"


Statement from 4th September


Mothers’ Union today affirmed its commitment to support refugees fleeing conflict and persecution and seeking sanctuary in Europe.

“Mothers’ Union has the potential to help churches and communities right at the grassroots level maximise the support they can give – through prayer, through advocacy and through practical support” said Worldwide President, Lynne Tembey. “We recognise the complexity of the situations faced by governments across Europe in dealing effectively with this crisis both in the short and longer term, and they are much in our prayers. However, regardless of current government and EU policy, this is a situation which requires a heartfelt response from each one of us. We welcome the leadership and encouragement of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby today, affirming that whilst our individual efforts may seem trivial, by working together we can resolve crises and make a difference.”

“Today I am calling on our membership across the world to make that heartfelt response. We have a long history of helping those fleeing persecution, conflict or violence. Whilst across many parts of the world: Africa, Oceania, and Asia, we are experienced in dealing with large-scale crises of this nature, it is many years since we have been faced by such a crisis in Europe. But our membership here, as across the globe, will, I know, have a heart to meet the humanitarian needs of families – both physical and spiritual.  We are committed to playing our part in both the prayerful and the practical outreach of the Church.”

Mothers’ Union has over 72,000 members in Europe, predominantly in Britain & Ireland, but including small branches within Europe of members who were themselves asylum seekers who fled conflict.  Every year Mothers’ Union across the world, most recently in developing countries, brings emergency relief to around 25,000 people through the provision of food, basic household provisions of blankets and sleeping bags, cooking utensils, water sanitation kits and soap.