Raids and abductions in Gambella

Mothers’ Union in Ethiopia is mainly based in the Gambella region on the South Sudan border, where the situation has been deteriorating for many months with bomb attacks and various shootings. The community has been on high alert and the situation is volatile. Currently, Gambella hosts 284,000 South Sudanese refugees, mostly of the Nuer ethnic group. 

On Friday, 15th April, heavily armed men from the Murle tribe crossed from South Sudan into Ethiopia where they simultaneously attacked 10 Nuer villages. These 10 villages are in Jikow and Nyinenyang, where there are Anglican Church communities and Mothers’ Union Literacy circles. 

The attacks lead to the death of 208 civilians, 75 civilians have been wounded, all mainly women and children and 108 children were kidnapped. Food and cattle have also been taken. 

At the moment, the situation in South Sudan is very tense especially among the Nuer communities. The Murle and Nuer have had intertribal conflict in Jonglei State, South Sudan. The Murle have a history of cattle raiding and kidnapping children to raise as their own. At this time, the Ethiopian Government is threatening to fight the Murle which could lead to wider regional conflict. 


  • Pray for those who have been bereaved through this attack
  • Pray for the safe return of the kidnapped children
  • Pray that this conflict will not escalate
  • Pray for wisdom for those in positions of influence and authority.


Loving Lord,

we pray for all affected by this atrocity:

may those bereaved or physically harmed 

know your comfort and healing;

may the children kidnapped be kept safe 

and swiftly returned to their families.

May the light of Christ be a beacon of hope

in a troubled situation .