Mothers' Union member Hilda to lead prayers for The Queen

Hilda Price shares a birthday with The Queen – 21st April 2016. But even she was shocked and delighted when she was asked to be part of The Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral. During the service, on 10th June, held with The Queen and members of the Royal Family present, Hilda will read two prayers as part of the intercessions. 

Like The Queen, Hilda has given many years of service to others. She was a very active vicar’s wife in the parishes of Carmarthen, Pontypridd, Crynant, Aberdare, Pennard in Gower and Morriston, and retired to Neath. An active member of Mothers’ Union for over 60 years Hilda has run branches in all the parishes, has been a diocesan speaker and on the governing body of the Church in Wales. Hilda also was on the Central committees in Mary Sumner House including working on the original literacy project run by Mothers’Union in the 1970s to reach people in the UK, and running the Young Wives group. 

Having been born on the same day as The Queen Hilda’s family have always spoken about her as our “Royal Baby”- and she has been thrilled to meet The Queen on several occasions. Her first recollection of seeing The Queen in person was as a guide when she lined up to see her in Llanelli. On the day before their 63rd birthday The Queen visited Swansea, so Hilda held up a card that said “I am 63 tomorrow too”.The Queen came over to speak to her and said she hadn't met many people born on exactly the same day. The Queen then invited Hilda and her daughter, Mary to her 80th birthday party lunch in Buckingham Palace – a memory Hilda treasures. 

Hilda did an interview for Radio 5 Live in September which you can hear here, and her profile is on the ITV news website here 

Hilda can be seen during the live broadcast of the Service on Friday 10th June BBC 1.