Meet Rachel Metcalf

The Queen has been Patron of Mothers’ Union since since 1952 and we are delighted to be part of the Patron’s Lunch on 12th June. The Queen has spoken often about her Christian faith and she has lived out that faith in service to Britain and the Commonwealth.  Her example has been inspirational to our Christian care for families within communities around the world.  Therefore we have chosen members from across the organisation who have demonstrated their faith through dedicated service to Mothers’ Union, to represent our worldwide membership on the Mall as part of the Patron’s Lunch. 

Rachel Metcalf is one of our inspirational members who will be part of the celebrations. 

Rachel is from Liverpool, and has been a member of Mothers’ Union for over 40 years. She has given unstintingly of her time and talents to Mothers’ Union over that time. Despite being a busy mum of four children, after joining Rachel quickly stepped up to lead the young wives/young families work, including coordinating practical support for parents. She memorably coordinated a baby tent at a Christian conference one year, ensuring the young mums and their little ones enjoyed a much needed weekend break. She looked after many children alongside her own and many members fondly remember her at diocesan meetings with various waifs and strays. 

Married to Bob, an archdeacon in the diocese, they were a couple who supported Mothers’ Union 100%. Rachel served for many years on the Executive Council – the trustee board of Liverpool Mothers’ Union, and faithfully led her local group for many years, long after she and Bob had reached retirement age. 

“I’ve known Rachel over thirty years” said Diocesan President, June Houghton. “I’ve never known her miss a meeting or event in the diocese. Rachel is Mothers’ Union  through & through, like a stick of rock if you could cut her open, and this is a wonderful chance to say thank you faithful Mothers' Union and Christian servant.