Mothers' Union urges parents to talk about perils of sexting

Mothers’ Union yesterday (16th August 2016) spoke on Premier Christian Radio News Hour about the new figures released by the NSPCC showing how most parents believe the idea of sending indecent images via text to be harmful, but nearly six in 10 have not spoken to their children about the issue.

Rachel Aston, Social Policy Manager, told Premier's News Hour many are oblivious as to what's happening on a teenager's phone. She said: "Parents might feel like they know what's going on with their children but the problem of sexting suggests perhaps they haven't got a grip on it."

Mothers’ Union are encouraging parents to talk more to their children but also understand that relationships are formed differently to how they were a generation ago. "Parents need to be talking about relationships but also understanding technology and how the two interface and understanding that they're perhaps inseparable sometimes," Rachel said.  

For more guidance and to read our report on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood please go to our Bye Buy Childhood website 

Listen to the interview on the Premier Christian Radio website