Our UK & Ireland Parenting Programme

Passionate about Parenting is the name of the Mothers’ Union’s training course which equips members to facilitate their own parents’ groups.

The aim of Mothers’ Union parents’ groups is to help people feel less isolated and more confident in their parental role. By becoming a Passionate about Parenting facilitator members can set up groups for parents to participate in, where they are able to share ideas, pick up practical tips and have fun.

Evidence shows that parents gain more from participating in parents’ groups that are well-facilitated. So Mothers’ Union offers its volunteers the opportunity to access an externally accredited training programme in group facilitation skills. The course, which is accredited through the Open College Network London, helps to ensure that Mothers’ Union parents’ groups meet national standards of quality and excellence - giving the Mothers’ Union a well-respected reputation.

Within the course, facilitators learn about subjects such as understanding parents, the family life cycle, parents’ group dynamics, group facilitation styles and facilitation skills. They consider the resources that are available for groups and are guided to choose and adapt them for specific groups.

The Passionate about Parenting training course has been running for a number of years and has received some great feedback from members who have gone on to run successful parents’ groups.

The course gave me credibility and the confidence to put myself forward as a facilitator."


It has meant that I can have a positive input when working with teenage mums and women in prison."


The training course was inspirational."


Our Passionate about Parenting facilitators have a huge impact on the parents who attend their parenting sessions.

This parents’ group helped me in so many ways. We talked in small groups and helped each other, my children found my parenting handbook (a resource I was given that I could take away and read through at home) so I thought I had been busted. But it was great, after a few weeks my 18-year-old gave me a hug. The first in years and he wasn’t the teenager I was having problems with!"


It was nice because when you listen to the other mums you realise your children are normal and other parents have problems too. It gave me confidence to try other things with Joshua, and the confidence to accept I wasn’t an awful parent because he was clingy and cried a lot. I quickly realised that there is no such thing as a perfect parent and that how you speak and treat your child will influence how they are going to be in later life."

How to get involved

  • Become a parents' group facilitator - as a Mothers’ Union member, or working closely with the Mothers’ Union, you could train to be a parents' group facilitator.
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