Mothers Union in South Ankole, Uganda

Eagle transforming communities

Mothers’ Union is gaining in momentum in Uganda with around 210,000 members throughout the country. In the Diocese of South Ankole in south west Uganda, Mothers’ Union have implemented the Eagle process and when evaluation of the work took place at the end of 2015 we were thrilled to see some great outcomes of the community & church mobilisation work.

Through this process Mothers Union in the diocese has been working on major issues such as  raising awareness of domestic abuse. Through conducting marriage counselling sessions in parishes and organising two radio talk shows to address these issues the diocese has seen reduced cases of domestic violence where Eagle has been implemented. Alongside this work there has been training available to parents speaking about positive parenting and child development. It is estimated that around 550 women have benefited from this training so far.

Mothers Union also wanted to make it a priority to teach and support women to come up with initiatives to support their families and those in need in their communities. Through the Financial literacy and management programme 10 women groups of 500 members in total have, through their own iniative, been able to increase food yield to feed their own households and to generate extra income. They are also encouraged to use some of this provision to help others in need.

Bibles studies played a successful role in helping communities improve and grow their relationships with God. They have also proved a useful tool to guide and encourage good health and sanitation - for example fruit and vegetable growing and the importance of accessing safe water. It has also led to 20 pit latrines being built in homes and churches!

It is incredible to see the work that the communities in South Ankole are doing with the support of the Eagle process and Mothers’ Union. You can read more about the Church and Community Development programme . Of course work like this is only possible through central funding – why not consider setting up a direct debit or make a donation to Mothers’ Union today and help us make community impact like this possible in Uganda and elsewhere.