With over 3000 members and 500 active volunteers Mothers’ Union in Baghdad is the largest single Mothers’ Union group in the world. Members are made up of many denominations of women coming together as Christians to be the hands of Christ in the local community.

Christians suffered enormous persecution following the fall of Saddam Hussain's regime, and hundreds of thousands of Christians fled to neighbouring countries to escape violence. Christians now make up around only 5 per cent of the population, and mainly live in Baghdad or in the northern cities of Kirkuk, Irbil and Mosul – once a major Mesopotamian trading hub known as Nineveh in the Bible.

Violence and civil unrest are never far away in Baghdad which has led to many frightening years. However Mothers’ Union leader Nawal feels that this very uncertainty has led them to a closer relationship with God. Through the difficult times, building a community that has hope has been critical. As life slowly – very slowly – becomes more peaceful in the city, members are seeing answers to prayers.

Together they have built a nursery school centre alongside the church where children from the local community enjoy activities and are safe. The Church has established a health clinic with a dentist, pharmacist and laboratory and medical staff drawn from all sections of the community. The clinic provides free medical treatment to over 2,000 patients a month. Mothers’ Union and the Church also continue to provide food relief to hundreds of local families, an outreach which was particularly vital when women were too afraid to go to the markets as they were frequently bombed.

Mothers’ Union Iraq members come together every Sunday after the main morning worship, or on a Saturday, and often groups meet in the evening for prayer too. The prayer ministry of Mothers’ Union here is vital. The prayer life has ensured they have God’s protection with them, shares Nawal.

Mothers’ Union members: 3,000+


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