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2021 Theme: Rebuilding hope and confidence

Our 2020 theme of Building Hope and Confidence was timely and pertinent, as we reached out to those who were suffering in deep and unique ways because of the global pandemic. We recognise that the effects of this pandemic will continue to be felt across the world throughout 2021. Therefore, it seems appropriate to develop our theme to encompass Rebuilding Hope and Confidence. As people seek to come to terms with loss of all kinds, from bereavement to loss of livelihood, relationships, wellbeing and other challenges, our work of rebuilding hope and confidence will be vital. We have added to the 2020 resources, which continue to be relevant for the year, to help us to sustain our confidence in the sure and steadfast hope of God as we reach out to a hurting world. 

2020 Theme: Service of Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Service linked to the Annual Theme which can be adapted for various occasions

2020 Theme: Lady Day Celebration

This resource may be used for a formal service, a more informal act of worship or as the basis for a Quiet Day

2020 Theme: Prayers and Bible verses

Prayers and Bible verses on the theme of building hope and confidence

2020 Theme: Stories of change

Examples to discuss from the UK and overseas where hope and confidence in the future is being built alongside practical change 

2020 Theme: Prayer reflection

One of the ways we build our hope and confidence in God, in ourselves and in those we support is by using the gifts God freely gives to us.
This prayer reflection may be used as the basis for a Quiet Day, a shorter prayer activity or as separate reflections

2020 Theme: God's Word as our foundation

The Bible makes it clear that our foundation for building hope and confidence is God and his Word. Use this well known parable to reflect on what we and others choose as the foundation for our lives 

2021 Theme: Being confident about MU

An activity to help members focus on all that Mothers' Union does - and does well

2021 Theme: Learning from lockdown

An activity to reflect on what we have learned through the restrictions on our daily lives through the coronavirus pandemic

2021 Theme: What do I do well

As we look to rebuild hope and confidence in Mothers’ Union, we may need to rebuild confidence in ourselves and recognise the gifts that others see in us

2021 Theme: Prayers and Bible verses

Prayers and Bible verses on the theme of rebuilding hope and confidence

2021 Theme: MU act of reflection and remembrance

A worship outline for when members can gather together again

2021 Theme: Reflection for MU elections

A reflection for groups or individuals to help us listen to God and prepare for the MU Triennial elections 

2021 Theme: Ideas for celebration and thanksgiving

Some ideas to help create a virtual time of celebration and thanksgiving, which can be adapted to suit different contexts