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Mothers’ Union members are great at making a range of craft items, such as knitted teddies, fiddle pinnies and prayer shawls. You can find patterns and instructions for making some of our more popular items in this section.

All handmade toys made and distributed by Mothers’ Union need to carry a CE mark to show that the essential safety requirements of the Toy Safety Directive are being met. Using the knitting patterns and instructions given here will ensure that our handmade toys meet these high safety standards and can have a CE label attached.

Knitted Teddy Bears

Mothers’ Union members and friends make these cute teddies with love and care for children facing all sorts of difficulties. Follow these instructions so a CE label can be attached.

Knitted Sheep for travelling nativities

A popular activity for many Mothers’ Union members is to knit cuddly sheep to be left with families once a travelling nativity has moved on. Follow these instructions so a CE label can be attached.

Knitted Teddy Hand Puppets

These simple but fun puppets are easily knitted and, like the knitted teddies, can be given to children in a range of situations to cheer them up. Follow these instructions so a CE label can be attached.

Crocheted & Knitted Octopuses

These cute little creatures are requested by neonatal units to give to premature babies. The tentacles of the octopus remind tiny babies of the umbilical cord, which they would have been holding on to in the womb and this provides comfort and makes them feel safe. Follow these instructions so a CE label can be attached.

Prayer Shawls

A range of patterns for knitting or crocheting prayer shawls to be made and given as a reminder of God's love.

Activity Quilts

When a person has dementia, they may become bewildered about their environmnet and sometimes become agitated. These quilts offer a focus, enabling the individual and their friends and carers to explore the quilt together. This aim is to maintain finger skills with buttons, zips, ribbons and Velcro.

Fiddle Pinnies & Twiddle Aprons

These are waist length aprons with pockets, items and fabrics attached that provide visual and tactile stimulation for those living with the later stages of dementia. There are instructions for Diffle Pinnies and a more male orientated Twiddle Apron.

Knitted Twiddle Muff

Twiddle muffs are knitted and then have items attached so that someone in the later stages of dementia can keep their hands busy.

Angel Pockets

These little pocket wraps are used on the sad occasions when a baby is stillborn, or a baby's life is very short.

Prayer Squares

A pattern and a prayer for knitting prayer shawls for those who need to know God's love and care for them  - for whatever reason