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overseas trek myanmar

Overseas Trek - Myanmar

Explore the beautiful landscapes and culture of a country, which has been isolated from modern tourism until recently

Level: Challenging (1)

Want to take part?

Want to take part?

To book online for the Myanmar Trek please click here

We are partnering with Discover Adventure to offer you the chance to see the unspoilt tribal highlands of the Shan Hills. Trek through jungle, farmland and quiet villages where oxen pull wooden ploughs. End the trip by witnessing Lake Inle’s remarkable lake villages, floating gardens and unique leg-rowing fishermen before returning to Yangon and the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda.

For more information, read through the Trek Myanmar Detailed Information, take a look at the Trek Myanmar Itinerary or register your interest above.

Dates and times

10 Nov 2018 to 19 Nov 2018

Fees and sponsorship

Registration Fee: £299

Payment Options:

  • Fundraising: Raise the set fundraising target of £4,050.00 and send it to Mothers’ Union 10 weeks prior to the trip departure date. We will then pay the trip cost
  • Part Payment: Pay a contribution of £500.00 towards your trip costs and raise a reduced fundraising target of £3,050.00. Send the funds raised to Mothers’ Union 10 weeks prior to the trip departure date and we will pay the remainder of your trip cost
  • Full Payment: Pay the £1,800.00 trip cost + £225.00 Airline Taxes yourself and donate 100% of your fundraising to Mothers’ Union.

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