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Christmas Appeal 2020

Will you help give women in the DRC a second chance at education?

13 Nov 2020
This year, we are excited to bring you some good news for Advent and Christmas! Mothers’ Union is taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. This will see all money donated through the Big Give website between noon 1st and noon 8th December doubled.
So, if you can give this Christmas, whatever you give online will go twice as far to help more women in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

Women in the DRC are vital to the economic development of the country. However, they have fewer opportunities to go to school and lower literacy levels than men. This makes it harder for them to own property, grow businesses and have the confidence to advocate for their rights. 

Your gift this Christmas can truly make a difference. Your donation can help us give women in the DRC a second chance at education that will enable them to build a future for themselves and their family.

Marthe our Project Coordinator in the DRC explains;

"Life in the DRC is extremely hard for women and girls, and has been made even tougher as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past 20 years, I have seen the ongoing civil war tear through our country, bringing with it terrible poverty and a culture of violence that affects every aspect of our society. 

To grow up as a girl or to be a mother in this environment is hard to imagine unless you have seen it. You have to be strong and take courage in God’s grace. And many women do. They wake each morning trusting in the love of God and the strength he gives them to laugh, smile and find joy in their lives. 

But, for our sisters who cannot read and write, it is so much harder to be strong. "

How your donation will help

We know there will be many calls on you this Christmas but, if you can donate, your gift will last a life time. It will help us to deliver a self-help approach to improve literacy skills for economic and social empowerment. Our project predominately targets women but we will also work with men to ensure their participation in bringing about sustainable change. 

If you can, please support our appeal between noon 1st and noon 8th December to see your donation doubled by the Big Give and make a sustainable difference to the lives of women and girls.

Theresa’s story

Meet 46-year-old Theresa

As a girl, Theresa attended primary school, but when her mother and father died, so did Theresa’s education. She was forced to join her aunt, selling food in the market, and when she was still very young, she got married.
Though her husband worked, he drank a lot, so there was never any money left. He would also beat her and Theresa cried most of the time.  It eventually fell to Theresa to put food on the table for her family. She took up dressmaking and provided household support for local ministers. They helped her learn to speak French, but not to read or write. Illiterate, she was still left out of opportunities in her community and unable to challenge the real issues that affected her, especially at home.

Theresa enrolled on our literacy and skills programme, where she learned not only how to read and write but how to plan and manage her finances. Her confidence and awareness of her rights, and the support available, grew so much, she left her abusive husband to make her own way in the world with her children.

Today, Theresa’s life has completely changed. She’s a leader in her community now. Not only does she teach other women how to make dresses but inspires them to learn to read and write too.
With your gift, we promise to help more women like Theresa in the DRC to improve their lives with literacy, business skills, a culture of saving and the confidence to fulfil their ambitions and realise their rights.

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