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St Albans DP Kim Wilkison

St Albans Diocesan President's Letter July 2020

A letter from St Albans Diocesan President, Kim Wilkinson.

24 Jul 2020

Dear Fellow Members,                                                                                   

Summer is well and truly here. Once again I am writing this letter in my garden listening to the water bubbling away and the birds singing. I could get used to this. Today I have heard that we can start rejoining our families, what a blessing and how much we welcome the joy of being together again. It will still be a while before we can all get back together but a start has been made.

Your trustees held a Wave of Prayer service together on zoom. It was lovely and listening to our name being mentioned during midday prayers on Facebook reminds me of how widespread MU is as members from around the world join in. We truly are a Worldwide organisation, changing lives and empowering women and children around the globe. It was while attending the zoom service at St Andrew’s Bedford that Chris Powell found out that AFIA is going to be their giving charity this time. How amazing is that! Also, others will hear about the work we do – wonderful.

Within the Diocese we continue with our work. Your trustees have been in touch with the women’s refuge at St Albans & Hertsmere, supplying them with another 6 starter packs for those moving into their new homes. These starter packs consist of saucepans, kettles, utensils and toasters. They have also recently received linen and towels. We are helping these women to take that first important step in gaining their independence. Our work continues to be appreciated at the six hospitals around the diocese that we support with out knitting, sewing and emergency/activity bags. On behalf of all those receiving the above, thank you, thank you for remembering them, supporting them and showing them that they are not forgotten and that God loves them as he does all of us.

Mary Sumner House has been busy too and would like your views on the new Membership Publication planned for next year. There is a questionnaire and the opportunity to join a focus group. The questionnaire can be found at , it takes less time to complete than it did for me to type the address! Alternatively for a web-friendly link please type But it will help MSH to offer us what we want, so please spare a few minutes to answer it. They also would like members who do or do not subscribe to Families First to join focus groups, young or old, post holder or not your views are valued. If you would like to take part please contact and let myself or Liz know of your interest. They are also planning a day of prayer, reflection and bible readings plus resources for members for Mary Sumner Day (9th August), please keep an eye on the resources offered on

Finally, may you all find peace and love in your life as we slowly come out of lockdown. Please remember in your prayers those who have died and the families they have left behind. I would like to quote a short prayer used in our Wave of Prayer service.

Whatever today may hold, whatever tomorrow might bring, the future is secure, for Christ is with us, the same yesterday, today and forever. Live each moment with him in quiet confidence and joyful celebration, for he is ours and we are his for all eternity. AMEN  (Nick Fawcett)

With my love and prayers

Kim x

July 2020

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