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St Albans DP Kim Wilkison

St Albans Diocesan President's Letter May 2020

A letter from St Albans Diocesan President, Kim Wilkinson.

30 May 2020

Dear Fellow Members

We are now in May and the lock-down continues. Let us keep positive and thankful for what we have. May always feels such a special time for me. It is a beginning, a time of new leaves, buds, bedding plants, birds’ nests with baby birds hatching and of course baby lambs in fields. Whenever I think of lambs, I think of Jesus being called by John ‘the Lamb of God’ and that Jesus is our Good Shepherd (John 1:29 & 10;14) leading us and teaching us. We all need to learn patience, and we are all being tested at this present time. It is hard, I know, but we are lucky, we have each other and the strength I gain from knowing that we are together helps me to be patient to know I am not alone in missing my family and friends but that we support each other physically, when possible, and more importantly through prayer.

I have heard of some wonderful work that members are doing from the safety of their homes, they are continuing to reach out and touch people’s lives in the name of MU. For example, in Hitchin on Mothering Sunday the flowers ordered for the posies in church were collected by Rosemary and left on doorstops of the elderly, sick and nurses at Lister. In Harpenden, Brenda has made four sets of scrubs to date and sold, via her street WhatsApp, David Brown’s honey to her neighbours and has had to ask David for more! In Caldecote, Bernie is arranging their 10th Anniversary with members each having a cake and candle and praying the anniversary prayer, from the MU resources page of the central website, for each other and past members on the 23rd of this month. What wonderful examples of togetherness and inspiration, showing the love we have for each other and those around us. Do you have any stories you can share, please let me know?

Many of us are having to learn about different forms of technology to keep in touch with family and friends. I have managed to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Having virtual meetings with MU around the diocese and indeed the country has had its ‘trying’ as well as rewarding moments. Keeping in touch and being able to speak and see my children and grandchildren has been wonderful, but if you don’t have a computer why not try the Daily Hopeline 0800 804 8044? There is a message from Archbishop Justin Welby, with options to hear hymns, talks, prayers plus an option to hear a Church of England service. I’m sure your church is keeping in touch, it is lovely to be reassured that we are all being prayed for.

With this letter is a reflection from Kathie Lally our Development Coordinator based on her talk on our theme for this year ‘Building Hope and Confidence’. I am sure as you read it you will gain Hope that through our perseverance we, as a world, are beating Covid-19 and that you will gain Confidence that these challenging times will soon be behind us and we can move forward with Hope and Confidence into a new world that is awaiting us.

Please share this letter with each other. God Bless you all and keep you safe and well. I will write again in June.

With love and my continual prayers,

Kim x

May 2020

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