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What Mothers’ Union are doing to combat domestic abuse

Combating domestic abuse is a major part of Mothers’ Union’s work and all over the world, Mothers’ Union groups are working together to address the issue.

15 Nov 2022

All over the world Mothers’ Union groups address gender-based violence and its impact as a major part of our work. Many dioceses work together with other organisations to recognise and acknowledge the existence of gender-based violence in their communities, support victims and survivors, report incidents of abuse and refer people to the appropriate services so that they can receive much-needed support and care.

In the UK, Mothers’ Union members offer practical support which includes providing essential items for refuges, training and support workshops on gender-based issues in schools and prisons as well as supporting the families of survivors to heal and rebuild important family bonds through its ‘Away From It All’ holidays.

Mothers' Union work in partnership with local domestic abuse organisations and parishes to raise awareness about the prevalence of all forms of abuse in our communities and give practical examples of how we can all be part of the change. We have practical actions that everyone can take to help:

  1. Make a change where you are – whether it’s your workplace, school or sports club. Is there a domestic abuse policy? Is there a poster in the bathroom or in communal spaces on how to get help? Has anyone had domestic abuse training?
  1. Dispel myths about domestic abuse and challenge sexism – it isn’t your fault if you are being abused by your partner and abuse doesn’t happen because the abuser was provoked. Sexist attitudes to women’s and men’s roles must be challenged to end domestic abuse.
  1. Take action, your voice counts – join campaigns for better government protection for survivors or fundraise to enable us to make a change. Take part in Mothers’ Union No More 1 in 3 campaign
  1. Learn what to say to someone experiencing abuse – understand the reasons why it may not be easy to leave. Information can be found on Women’s Aid website, who we are working with to combat domestic abuse:
  1. Speak up – how we are standing up against domestic abuse together. Send us photos and stories about what you are doing in your local area or online to help stop domestic abuse and support survivors. Send them to : We want to show positive examples of how we can make a difference to encourage others to join with us.”

Advocacy and Campaigns

National Domestic Abuse Planning Group
We have formed a national domestic abuse planning group made up of members who are interested in combatting abuse. This is a powerful group of a diverse range of women, some of who are survivors themselves. Being a membership organisation Mothers’ Union is in a strong position as we listen to members voices and then champion them on a national level.

Partnership with Women’s Aid
In October 2022, Mothers’ Union joined forces with Women’s Aid to support their Come Together to End Domestic Abuse campaign so that no girl is raised in a world of abuse. Mothers' Union is the first national charity to partner with Women’s Aid Federation of England in this new campaign, demonstrating how we can make a difference on this important issue if we all come together

1 in 3 campaign
Mothers’ Union’s response to the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is our No More 1 in 3 campaign where members across the world take a stand and raise awareness of the 1 in 3 women who suffer abuse at some point in their lives. For Global Day 2022, we are encouraging members to hold a one-minute silence at 1.03pm to say ‘NO MORE ONE IN THREE.’

Result of our work

As a result, women in the communities where we work begin to show: increased awareness of their rights, improved self-confidence and self-esteem, a greater sense of belonging, more involvement in family decision making, more equal division of labour within the household and increased involvement in church or community decision-making – even leadership.

We stand together, to recognise the realities faced by so many around the world, to campaign for an end to violence in its all its forms, to speak up for those who are in invisible chains. No one can end domestic abuse so we all need to work together and everyone has a role to play in helping combat this awful practice.

More details on our campaigns to combat domestic abuse can be found here: