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The Worldwide Board of Mothers’ Union has made the following commitment: 
"As an organisation concerned with Christian principles and ministry in family life, the nurture and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults is at the heart of Mothers’ Union. Both individually as members and collectively as an organisation, Mothers’ Union has a duty to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults, doing everything possible to ensure that they are safe when involved in Mothers’ Union activities.

We will follow the safeguarding policies and practices issued by the Anglican Church, and the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) charter for the safety of people within the churches of the Anglican Communion. Mothers’ Union will promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults by aiming to prevent abuse from occurring, to protect those who are at risk of abuse and to respond well to those who have been abused. We will follow procedures to enable the identification of those who may present a risk to others and, should this occur, seek appropriate pastoral support for them."

The current safeguarding advice and guidance to our affiliated Dioceses in Britain and Ireland can be found in our Safeguarding resources. Each Diocese is required to sign a letter of assurance each year that it has proper policies and procedures in place.

Our code of conduct for staff, which all are required to sign is given below in our related resources.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our policies and practices across the world are appropriate and the Audit and Risk Committee has been mandated to lead on this.