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Prison work

In many areas of the world, Mothers' Union members are active in supporting people in prison and families whose lives are impacted by imprisonment

In countries overseas, Mothers' Union members take in food and clothing and spend time with prisoners in prayer. When prisoners have their children in prison with them, members do all they can to improve conditions for these children, providing blankets and fruit and vegetables to supplement the poor provision of the prison diet. They will also visit prisoners and make sure the prisoners' family is supported. 

UK & Ireland prison work

Members in UK & Ireland are working with prisoners and their families in 85 prisions. Activities and projects undertaken in these prisons include:

  • Running prison creches
  • Supplying prisoners with books, gifts and cards to give to their children at Christmas
  • Running craft and art sessions for prisoners
  • Sending cards to prisoners at Christmas and Easter
  • Providing "Coffee & Chat" time for prisoners who don't have visitors 
  • Supporting the Prison Chaplain's work.

Throughout all the different types of support offered, members seek to help families sustain and develop their relationships whilst separated by imprisonment.