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Supporting orphans

In many of the countries in which we are based, our members are creating safe and secure homes and support for orphans. The children have been orphaned for a number of reasons including war, displacement and sickness. Many of our members come together in their community to support these children, despite having large families themselves. In some areas Mothers' Union groups have built or support their local orphanages and often volunteer at them on a regular basis. Just some of our recent work includes:  

  • In Aru, DRC Mothers’ Union run an orphan care programme which supports 50 orphans and their carers. Members provide training, pastoral support and some financial support for the carers, and organise social events for the orphans
  • In Botswana, Mothers' Union run an Orphan Day Care Centre supporting 60 orphaned children between the ages of two and six. About 150 children have since graduated from the centre and are now in formal education. These children return to the centre each week for a progress check, a meal and help with their school work
  • In the UK many Mothers' Union members will knit clothing and teddies to send out to orphanages as well as sanitary products.