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Worldwide Parenting Programme

The Worldwide Parenting Programme is a global Mothers’ Union programme that sees local facilitators trained to deliver an 8-12 week course with community groups. The groups usually meet once a week in order to discuss different topics and share parenting experiences. Locally relevant resources guide the groups through sessions that cover the highs and lows of parenting, the parent-child relationship and sensitive issues such as sex education. Above all, the programme empowers individuals and brings together communities from varying ethnicities and backgrounds in order to overcome common parenting challenges collectively.

Due to the demand for expansion of the programme, Mothers’ Union supports a worldwide parenting trainer to enable the programme to be shared and replicated in new areas by training local trainers thus helping us ensure the sustainability of the programme. By training more local trainers, each regional Mothers' Union can strive towards the expansion and successful delivery of the parenting programme in their own home context.