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Guyana Schoolgirls

Christmas Raffle

Enter for the chance to win £2,000 this Christmas

For tickets

For tickets

Launching in August 2018, enter Mothers’ Union’s Christmas Raffle for the chance to win £2,000 and support the most vulnerable in society, such as schoolgirls like Shannon* in Guyana.

Shannon, who is just 13 years old, often missed a week of school every month because she didn't have adequest protection during the time of her period. She was getting further behind in her studies so eventually she was forced to drop out. She is now more likely to get pregnant sooner than if she were in school. At such an early age, she faces higher risks of complications in pregnancy and childbirth, contracting HIV/AIDS and experiencing domestic abuse. With little access to education and employment, her family is more likely to live in poverty.

But there is a simple solution. By raising money through the Mothers’ Union Christmas Raffle, you could help to support the production of sanitary kits that are given, free of charge, to women and girls who can’t afford to buy disposable sanitary pads.

Each kit is produced through a partnership between the Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme in Guyana and a local project called Days for Girls. The kits contain reusable sanitary pads, knickers and soap, and provide the girls with sanitary protection for up to four years.

Tickets, priced at £1 each, will be available to buy from your local branch. You can also request additional tickets by filling in your details above, either to purchase yourself or sell to others. The money you raise could support the Parenting Programme in Guyana** and help to produce more sanitary kits. Please give girls like Shannon the opportunity to stay in school and a chance at a better future.

Contact us to order additional tickets from August 2018.

Prizes on offer
1st Prize £2,000
2nd Prize £1,000
3rd Prize 5 x £100

Date of Prize Draw
17th December 2018

*Shannon's name and details represent the majority of girls in Guyana's Hinterland who have to take up to a week off school every month because of inadequate sanitary protection.

**Once our budget commitments for the Parenting Programme in Guyana have been met, any additional income will be spent on similar programmes in other places, including the UK.

Making Sanitary Kits in Guyana

£7.50 could

pay for the production of one sanitary kit and keep a girl in school all year round

A family in Guyana who have benefitted from Mothers' Union' Worldwide Parenting Programme

£20 could

pay for one parent to join a parenting course and receive the support, advice and encouragement they need to keep their children in school and raise happy, healthy families

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If you would like to enter the Christmas Raffle, please take the time to read Mothers' Union's Raffle Terms and Conditions

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