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2019 Theme: Listen, observe, act – in step with God

2019 is a year of new beginnings for Mothers’ Union, with the start of the next triennium, many new officers appointed at all levels of service and updated constitution and structures. It is also the year which sees the coming together of our global conversations to prayerfully inform our way forward as a movement. As we gain clarity about our God-given purpose and direction in both local and global context we will be energised and inspired for what lies ahead. As the future unfolds we will continue to listen and observe in order to act with insight and integrity; neither running ahead nor lagging behind, but always in step with God.     
Our theme resources for 2019 have been created both to help engagement in the continuing global listening process and to build faith for the future. Some of the 2018 resources continue to be appropriate for this year’s focus

2020 Theme: Building Hope and Confidence

During our global listening process MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes and Acts) the voices of over 200,000 members worldwide have been heard. This has enabled Worldwide Council to draw together key emerging elements, and thus shape the way forward for us as a movement.

“Building hope and confidence” has been placed at the heart of our call to support individuals and families to transform their lives. As we build our hope and confidence in God we will be inspired and equipped to build hope and confidence in others, in both local and global context.

Themed resources for 2020 to help us live out our faith to build hope and confidence in ourselves as well as those we support, and to nurture our faith as we continue to walk forward in step with God will be released in mid September.

2019 Theme: Service of Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Service linked to the Annual Theme which can also be used as a Commissioning Service 

2019 Theme: Bible reflections on Christ's compassion

These Bible reflections could be used in a branch/group meeting or in a wider context, particularly where future direction is being considered.

2019 Theme: Prayers and Bible verses

Prayers and Bible verses to help us listen, observe, act – in step with God

2019 Theme: Lady Day Service

A Lady Day Service which links with the Annual Theme

2019 Theme: Listening Reflective Prayer Activity

This resource may be used as the basis for a Quiet Day, a shorter prayer activity or as separate reflections

2019 Theme: Community Sketch Map

An exercise to help us look at our community and listen to each other to identify what we might do to build community, and a visual tool to help us pray together.

2019 Theme: Listening and Observing Activities

Short activities relating to listening and observing to use with groups

2019 Theme: Reflective activities from MULOA

An opportunity for branches/groups to engage with the MULOA process - the global conversations to prayerfully inform the way forward for Mothers’ Union 

2019 Theme: Treasure Hunt

An activity to develop and apply our observation skills