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Summer of Hope 2022

Mothers’ Unions is grateful for the support and encouragement of Her Majesty the Queen, our dedicated Patron for the last 70 years. Her dedication and resilience through the decades has cemented her image as a strong and inspiring female role model.

In honour of this, we are focusing our Jubilee Summer of Hope on supporting the next generation of female leaders from the grassroots up: supporting women with skills, knowledge and confidence to shape the future and transform communities and families for the better.

In line with our goal, we are asking members to combine their Jubilee celebrations with a Summer of Hope event – this could be with your local branch, church, family or wider community.

We will be producing some exciting resources and activities that you can use to help plan your event, and will be sending a special Jubilee Summer of Hope campaign pack to members in mid-May. This will include an exclusive Jubilee bunting template that will invite you to write down the name of a female leader that has inspired you!

We are really excited about this year’s Jubilee Summer of Hope campaign focusing on women in leadership and we invite your enthusiastic participation to amplify voices of women even more!

The presence of women in leadership roles is now more important than ever – their voices are instrumental in engendering solutions that take into account the gender-based consequences of various problems, such as climate change and war. Even in their local communities, women often lead the way for many as their lives are deeply interwoven with their communities and therefore they know much more about their complexities than their male counterparts.

Mothers’ Union is proud to be an organization that supports and nourishes women to take on leadership roles. This year, our Summer of Hope campaign coincides with the Jubilee celebrations for Her Majesty The Queen, who has not just led the country for the last 70 years, but has also been our dedicated patron.

We therefore invite you to join us in celebrating female leaders who have had an impact on our lives.

This year, the Summer of Hope campaign will be spread across 70 days from 1st June to 8th August 2022. The 70 days will be divided into 10 segments, with each segment focusing on a specific theme from the below:

  • Hope
  • Love
  • Resilience
  • Service
  • Faith
  • Joy
  • Family

Each of the 10-day periods will begin with a story of an inspiring woman in leadership who has paved the way for her fellow women and future generations! Mothers’ Union branches will be provided with electronic resources and ideas to help them plan and organise fundraising events in their local communities, such as street parties or afternoon teas – which will link with the Jubilee Celebrations for the Queen. Individual members  will receive a direct mailout which will include resources/activities to nurture membership and also ‘how to donate’ information. These resources are now available online, and can be found here.

Of course, your own events need not necessarily reflect the Jubilee celebrations or the themes mentioned above – they’re simply suggestions to guide your planning!

Along with the activities, we also invite you to engage and interact with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, by sharing stories of inspiring women you know with us. You can tag us on Facebook and Instagram using @MothersUnion and @officialmothersunion respectively, and use the hashtag #SheInspires in your posts, and we will reshare your story!