Trinidad & Tobago

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Trinidad & Tobago

Mothers’ Union in Trinidad & Tobago focuses on projects to help alleviate some of the problems and issues in the country. Social and economic problems in the country include high crime rates, and the abuse of women and children. 

Running outward community projects across the country such as helping the sick, visitation and provisions for maternity hospitals, projects to help people with health problems such a high blood pressure and diabetes; HIV/Aids and a thriving prison ministry are in place. It is the Mothers’ Union’s desire to build and operate a Home for the Aged.

By operating in five after school homework centres across the island, Mothers’ Union help provide a secure environment for children awaiting pick up after school. This also allows Mothers’ Union volunteer teachers to supervise and to help the children with their homework. Children attending these centres have shown improvement in their school grades. Mothers’ Union hope to continue to add other centres throughout the islands.

Mothers’ Union in Trinidad & Tobago also run the Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme which is helping parents communicate with their children. The Programme equips parents with the necessary skills to build more fulfilling relationships with their children and to tackle parenting challenges, thus promoting stronger family lives. 

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